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Sample Texts

Sample Texts


I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward you will service us.

tolyk.FN lo.FN ku<> tus<>, jo.
te sik xus.
xyt nen je, jang i, xja jo.
je xjal jo, sjo jo, te xja.

Note: sjo jo te xja means `from now until ever' (literally: `starting now not ending').

The North Wind and the Sun

British: The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which of them was stronger, when a traveller came along wrapped in a warm cloak. They agreed that the one who first succeeded in making the traveller take his cloak off should be considered stronger than the other.

Then the North Wind blew as hard as he could, but the more he blew, the more closely did the traveller fold his cloak around him; and at last the North Wind gave up the attempt.

Then the Sun shone out warmly, and immediately the traveller took off his cloak. And so the North Wind was obliged to confess that the Sun was the stronger of the two.

U.S.: The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun were arguing one day about which of them was stronger, when a traveler came along wrapped up in an overcoat. They agreed that the one who could make the traveler take his coat off would be considered stronger than the other one.

Then the North Wind blew as hard as he could, but the harder he blew, the tighter the traveler wrapped his coat around him; and at last the North Wind gave up trying.

Then the Sun began to shine hot, and right away the traveler took his coat off. And so the North Wind had to admit that the Sun was stronger than he was.

German: Nordwind und Sonne

Einst stritten sich Nordwind und Sonne, wer von ihnen beiden wohl der stärkere wäre, als ein Wanderer, der in einen warmen Mantel gehüllt war, des Weges daherspazierte. Sie kamen überein, daß derjenige der beiden als stärker gelten sollte, der den Wanderer dazu brächte, seinen Mantel auszuziehen.

Der Nordwind begann, so stark er konnte zu wehen. Doch je mehr er wehte, desto fester hüllte sich der Wanderer in seinen Mantel und so mußte der Nordwind schließlich aufgeben.

Nun begann die Sonne zu scheinen und es wurde warm, so daß der Wanderer sofort seinen Mantel auszog. Da mußte der Nordwind zugeben, daß sie Sonne stärker war als er.

Icelandic: Norðanvindurinn og sólin

Einu sinni deildu norðanvindurinn og sólin um, kvort þeirra væri sterkara. Þau sáu þá mann í hlýrri kápu á ferð á veginum. Þeim kom þá saman um, að það þeirra skyldi teljast sterkara sem gæti neytt ferðamanninn til þess að fara úr kápunni.

Norðanvindurinn tók þá til að blása af öllum mætti, en því meira sem hann blés, því þéttara vafði ferðamaðurinn kápunni að sér; og að lokum gafst norðanvindurinn upp.

Svo fór sólin að skína og það varð hlýtt. Þá fór ferðamaðurinn undir eins úr kápunni. Norðanvindurinn varð þá að kannast við að sólin væri sterkari en hann.

Tyl-Sjok: Hwk Tje Xok, U Set

Hwk tje xok, u set, te ling jes, hw hing sin, at ja tuk, hjung, lel, hw i lu, tax kjo njwng yn kju tyx, y i nax jang tyx, hesy, y nax. I te ling, lu hon ling jes, u kjok heng, su ja, kel jyx nax, lu ting, yn tje hesy, hjung, lel.

So kel, hwk tje xok, sin hwk jang hjung tuk, u seng, i lu, la hjung, hwk, kel hw kut tuk, jyx nax, sys net kjo, yn kju tyx. So hon, hwk lu hex, kju kjang, hw xan.

Set sin set, sjo ky, kel la njwng, xjuk, u ky la, kel, i nax jang tyx, lu ting, yn tje hesy, hw te hing xan. U so hon, lak hwk tje xok, jes, tax u it, set hjung, lel.

Word by Word

FIXME: The translation has changed. Change this accordingly..

Implicit words that are not mentioned in the text, but which usually belong to the phrase, are given in parentheses. Bracketed groups mark sub-structures.

Sentence 1

[[[Hwk tje xok] u set] [ljus hw [hing sin]] [[[at ja tuk] hjung] lel]] hw [[[njwng [yn kju tyx]] [kjo hon] [nax jang tyx]] y nax].


Wind come-from north and sun [dispute happen long ago] [who of (the) two]('s) strength exceed (the other's), when [warm jacket-to-feet cover (he who)-move-using-feet] be-on (where) move(ment takes place).

Long ago, the North Wind and the Sun disputed about who of them was the stronger, when a pedestrian covered with a warm cloak was on the road.

Note: Tyl-Sjok is embedding; therefore, `njwng yn kju tyx kjo hon nax jang tyx' is translated as a relative clause, where in Tyl-Sjok, the whole phrase is simply used in the matrix clause where `nax jang tyx' is referenced. Because it is clear in this sentence, no reference particle (`su') needs to be used.

Sentence 2

[[[I ljus] jes] [hon ling]] u [[kjok heng] [[[[su ja] kel [[jyx nax] [tun tje hesy] yn]] hjung] lel]].


[They who dispute]'s minds result in one, and (it) shall-be correct, (that) [who cause (the) move-person (to) cause (to) not wear (the) jacket]('s) strength exceed (the other's).

The disputers agreed and it should be considered correct, that the one who causes the pedestrian to put off the jacket is the stronger.

Sentence 3

[So kel] [[[hwk tje xok] sin hwk] [jang hjung tuk]].


So this cause (that the) wind from north begin (to) blow use all strength.

So the North Wind started to blow with all this strength.

Sentence 4

[Kjaxu seng] [[lit [hjung hwk]] [kel [hw kut tuk]] [[jyx nax] [sys [net kjo]] [yn kju tyx]]].


Yes true(ly), (he, the Northwind's) (en)large(ment) (of the) strength (of the) wind cause (for) every attempt (that the) move-person pull good close (the) jacket-to-feet.

But everytime he blow stronger, the pedestrian pulled tight his cloak.

Sentence 5

[So hon] [[hwk [hex kju kjang]] hw xan].


So (this) result (in that the) wind put go-to down at (the) end.

And so, finally, the wind gave up.

Sentence 6

[Set sjo ky] u [kel [[xil njwng] xjuk]].


(the) sun shine start-when that (time) and (it) cause very warm air.

Starting then, the sun shone so that the the air became very warm.

Sentence 7

[So kel] [[[I nax [jang tyx]] [kel te tot] yn] hw [te [hing xan]]].


So (this) cause he-who-move-use-feet cause-not-wear jacket happen not long after.

So after a shortly while, the pedestrian took off his jacket.

Sentence 8

[U [so hon]] [lak [[[hwk tje xok] jes] [tax u it] [[set hjung] lel]]].


And so result, (that by) force, (the) North Wind('s) mind perceive and say, (that the) sun('s) strength exceed (his).

And so, the North Wind was forced to admit that the sun was stronger than him.

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