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The mailing list for conlangers consisting of many enthusiastic linguists and non-linguists. We have a lot of interesting discussions about inventing languages and about aspects of natural languages' grammar, phonology, etc.

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A list of my tools for natural language, Unicode, IPA and conlang problems.

My Conlangs
S30: Trukva: Adverbial

An engelang consiting only of something like adverbials, stringed together to form a sentence, i.e., using serial verb construction. The grammar's idea is the same as that of Tesяfkǝm, but tries to be a more complete realisation this time. A draft version of this language was presented at the LCC4.

S25: Tirkunan: Romance

[tɪrkuˑˈnan]: A Romance language with a strongly simplified grammar and a lot of syncope and sandhi modelled after my esthetical feelings about a nice and typical Romance language.

S21: Nıbuzıgu: Musical

[nibuziɡu]: A musical conlang using musical modes to express mood and using the tones an the scale to indicate constituents in a clause.

S17: Þrjótrunn: Romance

[ˈθrjo͡ʊːtrʏn]: A Romance language spoken in Iceland, a posteriori from Vulgar Latin following Modern Icelandic sound changes. It is very conservative and irregular.

S11: Tesяfkǝm: Univalent

[ˈtesæfkœm]: A language whose verbs always have exactly one argument. The rest is serial verb construction. This language is only a selection of unconnected ideas that will be recycled in later conlangs.

S9: Da Mätz se Basa: German Pidgin

[dɐˈmɛt͡səˈbasɐ]: A lost Germanic language. The grammar is a blend of German, Dutch and Africaans with the slight touch of Chinese/Japanese relative clause structure. With a Babel translation.

S7: Qþyng|ài: Polysynthetic

[qθə˧nǀɡaɪ̂]: A polysynthetic language. Clicks, tones, and long words. Quite some translations.

S2: Tyl Sjok: Ambiguous

[tɨl̩ʃʌk̩]: An isolating proto language. No lip movement. Writing system similar to Chinese, but mixed phonological-logographical.

S1: Fukhian: Agglutinative

[fʊχvi]: This is my first conlang. The grammar was originally written in German. Some parts have been translated into English. It features a nice hanging script that is similar to Arabic and also has a Devanagari touch. The design principle was to avoid diacritics.


October 10th, 2021
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