Þrjótrunn: A North Romance Language

Henrik Theiling

This grammar was sent to us by the IPH for examination and publication here. We added some comments to the text to make it easier to understand and to relate it to Romance languages, to Icelandic, and to history in general. To keep our parts separate we used footnotes, so that the original text is otherwise unchanged. (Henrik Theiling (linguistics), Björn Markus (history))


Recent Updates

2007-02-18: The IPH sent more documents about the history of Þrjótur.
2007-02-06: Language History
2006-12-14: Cardinal Numbers
2006-07-18: Comparison of Þrjótrunn, Icelandic, and Latin
2006-07-15: Middle Voice
2006-06-28: Correction of GMP for handling Latin stress (lat. mensa > sp. mesa but lat. pensāre > sp. pensar). Correction of early palatalisation rules.
2006-06-25: Bibliography.
2006-06-23: Verbs, in particular participle declension.
2006-06-22: Added more comments.
2006-06-20: Future tense of 'issir' documented.
2006-06-06: Received second part of history trilogy.
2006-04-23: More information about verbs.
2006-04-15: Conjugation of irregular verb 'issir'.
2006-04-14: More information about pronouns.
2006-04-14: IPH sent another errata list: the GMP was fixed[1] and the dat.pl. reinstalled. It was not wrong...
2006-04-12: IPH reports the -bus endings (dat.pl.) were wrong, and the GMP was changed.[2]
2006-04-10: Conjugation (present tense, participle, gerund).
2006-04-08: Þrjótur history: How Romans reached Norway.
2006-04-03: Phonotactics: Vowels.
2006-04-03: Pronouns.
2006-04-02: Declension of nouns and adjectives.
2006-04-02: Initial version.


Here, we have PG *dūbō > IS dúfa, etc.
Here, we have PG *haƀukaz > PN *haukaʀ
October 28th, 2007
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