Þrjótrunn: A North Romance Language


Word Order

Topic and Verb

Word order is V2 (= verb second), meaning the verb is the second constituent in a normal propositional clause. The topic precedes the verb. This is the same as in many Germanic languages.

All constituents but the conjugated verb may be topicalised by moving to clause initial position. The conjugated verb is usually the second constituent of a clause. However, occasionally, more than one constituent may be topicalised in which case they all precede the conjugated verb.

If the subject is the topic, all other constituents folow the verb: Topic[Subj] V Rest.

If the subject is not the first constituent, it is usually inserted between the conjugated verb and the rest of the verb phrase. Other constituents follow the verb phrase: Topic[-Subj] Vconj Subj Vrest Rest.

In YN-questions, the verb is in sentence-initial position.

Noun Modification

Possessors (genitive case noun phrases and possesive pronouns) follow the possessed. However, possessive pronouns occasionally precede the modified noun.

Demonstratives precede the noun.

The definite article is enclitically suffixed to the noun.

Attributive adjectives precede the noun.


Most prepositions are followed by noun phrases in accusative case. Some prepositions are followed by other cases, the second most frequent case being the genitive.


The Latin prepositions that governed the ablative case also govern the accusative case in Þrjótrunn, just like those that originally governed the accusative case. No compensation occurred for the drop of the distinction between 'sub' and 'in' + acc. (allative) or +abl. (locative). Only (originally) compound prepositions now govern cases other than the accusative.

October 28th, 2007
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