Da Mätz se Basa: A Lost Germanic Language (S9)


Äna Babel se Turm

In there close translation, please note that the articles have been rendered as pronouns in English, because there are so few articles in English that it is much closer to use pronouns. And Da Mätz se Basa does not distinguish between articles and pronouns anyway.

H Äna Babel se Turm Listen! in_him Babel his tower
1 De du Wirl was ein Basa on än Wurt. He all world was one language and one:pl word
2 Nadat di fona Si hat los, fin di n'Äbe äna Peis fan „Sina“ on do sätel di. After_that they from_him East has start, find they a plain in_him land of Shin'ar and there settle they.
3 Un di zi sach: „Lat utz ni Bräk mach on di brän!“ Un di is brän se Bräk was fädi di Kamün, on ne Möcke was fädi ne Speis. And they each_other says: let us a:pl brick make and they burn! And the they burn his brick was for_they they stone, and a clay was for_they a morter.
4 Un di sach: „Lei! Wa wirt utz ne Kota on ne zü äna Zän se Kop se Turm bau, on wa mach utz ne Nam, fir nich irde du Meil is foteil nä.“ And they says: Come! We will us a city and a go in_him heaven/sky his head his tower build, and we make us a name, for not over_he all earth distribute no.
5 Ba de Hir lei bäji ur, fir di Mätz mach se Kota on se Turm sä. But he Lord come under to_they, for_that they they human make his city and his tower sees
6 Un de Hir sach: „Do is ein Popo, on ein Basa is do fädi du, on lodat di dodur de du mach, säo is gätz nix mir nich knöng nä.“ And he Lord says: There is one people, and one language is there for_they all, and if they through_that he all make, then is now nothing more not possible no.
7 „Lei! Wa zü ur on kofün dänir Basa, on di zi wirt nich mir pam nä.“ Come! We go under, and confuse them his language, and they each_other will not more understand no.
8 Un de Hir foteil di irde du Meil, on di tämin de Kota bau. And he Lord distribute they over_he all earth, and they terminate he city build.
9 Dom heis de Kota „Babel“, ombat de Hir do da du Wirl se Basa hat kofün ja, on ombat de Hir fon do di Mätz irde du Meil hat foteil ja. Because_of_that is_called he city Babel, because_that he Lord there he him all world his language has confuse yes, and because_that he Lord from there they human over_he all earth has distribute yes.


'Cogito, ergo sum.' = 'Ich dänk, dom is ich.'


'Veni, vidi, vici.' = 'Ich hat lai, ich hat sä, ich hat nang.'

'kyboi aneriphto.' = 'Di Seitz is fäl ja.'


Got sach: 'Lich is to!' Un Lich was ja höma.


'Non sapevo che tu fossi on filosofo.' = 'Ich hat nich weis dat diu ne filsof is nä.'

Relay 11: Recipe

This is an updated version in modern grammar.

'If you ask your mother, she'll tell you will pleasure how to prepare your favorite food.

She'll tell you: go to the kitchen and get beef, potatoes, water, oat or wheat flour, butter, oil, many onions, salt, pepper, Chinese five spices powder and 'Häsape' sauce.

Mince the meat, onions and potatoes, put the minced mixture in a bowl and add salt and pepper. But don't take too much salt!

Now make a dough from water, butter, pepper, Chinese five spices powder and the sauce and in order to fill it, put the minced mixture on it in chunks.

Put it into a sieve and fry in the oil.'

Wän diu duin Modo donach fach, säch de bei diu gir, widat diu meis lip s Äs-Zuich kan is mach ja. When you you's mother there.after ask, say she to you with.pleasure, how.that du most love's eat-stuff kan be make yes.
De wirt säch: diu zü ine Küch to on diu hol Chin se Lau, ni Tofel, ne Sui, Hafo o Weitz se Fen, ne Wui, ne Jau, ni fil Bang, ne Satz, ne Fäfo, ne Urfen on ne Zip fan 'Häsape' to. She will say: you go into.the kitchen (!) and you get ox's meat, some potatoes, a water, oat or wheat's flour, a butter, an oil, some many onions, a salt, a pepper, a chinese.five.spices.powder and a sauce of 'Häsape' (!).
Diu hak de Lau, di Bang on di Tofel on mach is hak se Zuich ine Top on ne Satz on Fäfo au dobei to. Ba nim diu nich ze fona Satz nä to! You mince the meat, them onions and them potatos and make be mince's stuff into.a pot and a salt and pepper also there.to (!). But take you not too.much from.the salt (no) (!).
Gätz mach diu fona Sui, da Wui, da Fäfo, da Urfen on da Zip ne Teich to on fir de föl mach diu aufe ni fona Hak-Zuich se Hape to. Now make you from.the water, the butter, the pepper, the Chinese.fivespices.powder and the sauce a dough (!) and for it fill make you on.the some from.the mince-stuff's chunks (!).
Diu mach de do ine Saling on tu ina Jau Fitür to. You make it there into.a sieve and do in.the oil fry (!).

Pater Noster

Ius Fado Out Father
Ius ina Zän se Fado! Our in-the heaven de father
Duin Nam is heich häl to. You his name be holy hold (!).
Duin Cheik is mach lei to. You his kingdom be make come (!)
Duin Wil-Zuich is mach wot to, ofa Meil widat ina Zän. You his want-stuff be make become (!), On-the earth, like-that in-the heaven.
Diu gip utz ana do Dach de wa sü dälich se Brot to. You give to.us at-the that day we need daily his bread (!).
Un diu fögip utz ius Sul-Zuich to, widat wa au fögip di ius sul se Mätz. And you forgive to.us our owe-stuff (!), like-that we also forgive us his owe his person.
Un diu mach dat wa nich tänt nä to. And you make that we not be.tempted no (!).
Ba diu mach utz fei fona Bös-Zuich to. But you make us free from-the/a evil-stuff (!).
Ombat duin de Cheik is, on de zakät on de hirlächät ja, ina jümokät ja höma. because yours the kingdom is, and the strong his kind and the glorious his kind yes, in-the always his kind yes, really.
Amen. Amen.

Relay 12: Birth

This is an updated version in modern grammar.

De kuk on kuja ja he It looks and talks!?
Ä se Man: Diu häl dur to. Husband: Persevere!
Doto: Ü drük to. Muin Quän, ü drük to. Muin Quän, ich kan da Bäbi s' Kop ol sä höma. Ü hat de bäna saf ja. Doctor: Push! Madam, push! Madam, I can see the baby's head already! You have almost done it!
Man: Diu häl dur to. Man: Persevere!
Bäbi: Säo, ich kan de hir Urt sä ima. Baby: Well! I can see this place, right!?
Doto: Chofadem! Doctor: Damnit!
Quän: Wat is he? Woman: What is it?
Doto: Ü wot nich bang nä to. Ü drük noma to, muin Quän, ü drük to. Doctor: Don't get disturbed! Push again, madam, push again!
Man: Diu häl dur to. Man: Persevere!
Bäbi: Ich wil wat dräk an höma. Ich drach of gui Zuich ja. Baby: I want to wear something! I often wear precious clothes!
Quän: De kan kuja ima. Woman: It can talk!?
Bäbi: Diu fan Modo hur ma ze to. Ich is duin Anak. Un ich wil nich 'Konol' heis nä höma, ombat de ze tawal is ja. Baby: Mother, listen to me! I am your son. And I don't want to be called 'Konor', because that's too common.
Quän: De do is ne Dräk he. De Bäbi kuja he. Woman: This is a trick, right? The baby talks!?
Doto: Ich wirt gätz de Natzur snä dur. Doctor: I will now cut the umbilical cord.
Bäbi: Ich hat na Gächal se Maut hat. Un ich hat ne hau Nam ja, nämich heis ich "Pädrus". Un ich hat ne Durs ja, ma ich wil kein Nai nä höma. Baby: I had a general's death. And I have a good name, that is, I'm called 'Petrus'. And I am thirsty, but I don't want any milk.
Doto: Pädrus, diu zape nich säo nä to. Doctor: Petrus, don't squirm like that!
Bäbi: Di lätz ach Monat hat ich ne Woka drik. Baby: The last eight months I drank vodka.
Man: Diu häl dur to. Man: Persevere!
Ana näs Dach sir di Sir-Mätz: "Ne kuja s Bäbi höma! Ne da Got se Sänk ja!" The next day, the writers wrote: A talking baby! A gift of God indeed!
October 28th, 2007
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