Tesяfkǝm: A Constructed Language (S11)


Conlangs with Similar Ideas

Br'ga Paul Bennett No transitive verbs
Q~'u^pl! Adam Walker No transitive verbs
Iljena Pete Bleackley Very similar sentence structure (noun-verb fusing)
? Chris Bates Person markers on nouns
Lojban several Logically engineered
Ithkuil John Quijada Logically engineered
gzb Jimmy Henry Logically engineered

This list is not complete.

Influential Languages

Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Kalaallisut, Nootka, Lojban. (structure)

Elamite (person markers on nouns)

Georgian, Rotuman, Kui, Mutsun, Lithuanian, and others. (metathesis)

Zoque (CCC metathesis: yhp ↦ hpy (maybe palatalisation)), Quileute (XYZ ↦ ZYX metathesis), Mokilese (XYZ <-> ZXY metathesis)


Thomas E. Payne, Describing Morphosyntax -- A Guide for Field Linguists, 1997, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-58805-7

Elizabeth Hume: several papers about metathesis, and homepage.

The Constructed Languages Mailing List (Conlang), http://listserv.brown.edu/archives/conlang.html

October 28th, 2007
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