Ring E: 6/22: Aganean

Jonathan Moore
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më mes´cou cgyefd-nërscg

doë dgys´ aë-nërscg:

  • nërscg då bfuorc
  • nërscg då dguemd
  • nërscg då hynar
  • nërscg då humën

[doë uår aë-dgys´ gu ba oë:_______________]**

ca syu ba hencres´: uauaë då repd, hguoc, hyuaë, guaë drasd ue.

ca syu ba curcg-heu uas nërscg: nërscg uas hyuaë, hyuaë då cacguoë, narånc, pebes´ uas lyr, syses´ Laë, cumen, baseu drasd oëc. doë sar ce cas aë-syu.

[doë uår aë-mys´ syses´ gu ba oë:_______________]

më oëmc rë aë-hencres´: doë heu aë cas-syu uasd ganaë. doë gybrå ce ebf më mecgryr aë-uyr. doë urar më s´ucgryr ba gyuaë uas oërsb.

më oëmc rë aë-curcg-heu: doë mes´cou ce ba buerm ba oscgyl aë cas syu doë carupd më nërucg aë-curcg-heu ba hencres´ uas gyuaë. doë coresb careu uasd ganaë.

doë carupd ba oscgyl då aëner rå hyuaë aë-uyr s´u doë carupd ba ësryr he aëner. sar cgep uyr aë-uores´, moë semcg es aë-uyr.

**About the bracketed sentences: in transmitting this text to the next participant in the Relay, you may translate what you have dgys´ ; you may wish to offer similar ca dgys´ of nërscg and syses´ , or those of your own rë.

Smooth Translation

To Cook a Meat Cgyefd

Choose a meat:

  • Beef
  • Escargot
  • Rabbit
  • Mushrooms

[Write a choice here:_____________]

Pastry ingredients: flour, water, oil, and sea salt.

Meat stew ingredients: fatty meat, olive oil, salt, white pepper, Laë herbs, cumin, lemon juice. Cut them up fully.

[Write any other spices here:______________]

To make the pastry: Mix all ingredients together. Roll into little balls with your hand. Flatten into big circles.

To make the stew: Cook all ingredients in a pot until hot, put the stew into the pastry circles with a spoon. Pinch edges together.

Put into a dish and put into the oven. When it is brown, you may eat it.


This is a relatively easy text, just long, so not much needs to be said about Aganean (hgydër acgrun) grammar.


Syntax is VSO. Most words in Aganean can flow freely between verb, noun, adjective, or adverb.

Nouns and Adjectives

There is no plural or any article in Aganean, although ca , "some" is often used for this purpose. Adjectives are actually nouns, and stand after them, usually with the word uas , a version of uasd, "with". aë is used to indicate a direct object and is (usually) hyphenated to the word it precedes, unless there is another descriptive word before the noun.

Verbs and adverbs

Verbs take no direct inflection, but the word directly before the verb describes tense and mood. Most of the verbs are imperative, which are expressed as doë, "(you) must (do, make, build, etc).


ba is an all-purpose preposition, meaning, variously "to, at, near, by, toward, etc" and must be deduced from context.


indicates direct object
aëner baking, to bake
ba to, at, near, next to, for (something)
baseu liquid
bfuorc cow
buerm heat, hotness
ca some, some amount
cacguoë olive
careu edge, barrier, side
carupd to put, place (into)
cas all, every, entire, full, complete
ce indicates an adverb
cgep to become a quality
cgyefd untranslatable into English
coresb to pinch, pinching
cumen cumin
curcg stew, meat concoction
for (a way, reason), of, belonging to
dguemd snail
dgys´ choice, to chooseë - must (imperative)
drasd from out of
ebf narrowness, smallness
es you
ësryr furnace, oven, kiln
ganaë each other, one another
gu this, that
guaë salt
gybrå ball, to make a ball
gyuaë circle
he which, that
hencres´ you must guess this word
heu mix, mixture
hguoc water
humën mushroom
hynar rabbit, hare
hyuaë oil, grease, fat
lyr whiteness
via, by way of, with, by means of
mecgryr hand
mes´cou cuisine, to cook
moë must (continuous)
mys´ other, also
narånc orange, onion
nërscg flesh, meat
nërucg spoon
place, local, location
oëc lemon
oëmc make, future tense
oërsb bigness, largeness
oscgyl pot, pan, dish
pebes´ pepper
which is
creation, to create
repd wheat
sar cut
sar if it would be that
semcg eating, to eat
s´u and (clauses)
s´ucgryr palm of hand
syses´ spice, herb
syses´ Laë specific spice native to the Laë region of Ag
syu part
uår writing, to write
uas indicates adjective
uasd with, and, together
uauaë wine, essence
ue ocean, sea
uores´ brownness, light brownness, tanness
urar field, plain, flatness
uyr it

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June 14th, 2005
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