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Roger Mills
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anju hanuwak indeye ketera, kambrit hamepu tahanji re niya-niya uñat, kuna yamanjito lusongi:

pitani endak kawu, ponder, yaraç, mandeka, umu leñ, sawu, samos, pirit, uñañat coñ-ko, susumbara, eme yanjun avena iti triko. sesep endak, ponder, yaraç, yukar hambiyaç niya mimik-- raput akambosni i rango yam pirit i picikni samos. umit yanjuñi, sawu, mandeka, pirit, uñañat coñ-ko i susumbara vara mepu masa, i rundondo masa tayu yam akambos endak . Ri tera, taç ilepes "raviyoli". tanju hakuk "raviyoli" ri inare, runjucap ri umuwe fasan; nami umuni yanjuwe pruput-- iharando raviyolini. lendi nahan!!

Smooth Translation

When you ask a Terran mother, how do you make a really delicious dish, she will likely answer as follows:

You need beef, potato, onion, butter, good oil, water, salt, pepper, Chinese spice-mixture, "black sauce", also flour made from oats or wheat. Finely chop the meat, potato, onions, into very small pieces-- put the mixture aside in a bowl with pepper and a bit of salt. Use the flour, water, butter, pepper, Chinese spices and black sauce to make a dough, and fill this dough with the meat mixture. On Terra, these are called "ravioli". Now put the ravioli in a basket, immerse them in the hot oil; cook the oil until bubbling-hot-- the ravioli are ready. Bon Appétit!


This text is so straightforward that if you just translate the words, you'll probably figure it out. However:


Akambos nominal < hambos 'to add, mix'
Anju time; when (conj.)
Avena oat(s)
Coñ-ko China, Chinese
Eme also
Endak meat
Fasan hot
Hakuk put, place
Hambiya piece
Haram (be) ready
I and (see also ri)
Inar basket
Inde mother
Iti or
Kambrit by what means, how?
Kawu a food animal, beef analogue
Kuna indef. Part, maybe, probably
Leñ good
Lendi good..., happy..., successful... (formulaic)
Lepes call (as in "call X Y"), describe as...
Lusongi as follows
Masa dough, pastry
Mandeka butter
Manji to answer
Mepu make, do
Mimik small
Nahan to eat
Nami cook; boil
Niya very
Nuwak to ask
Onde inside; ri... in/into depending on case
Picik(ni) a little bit
Pirit a pungent spice, ~pepper
Pita to need
Ponder potato
Pruput bubbling; rolling boil
Rango a bowl
Raput put away, save
Re relative marker
Ri locative prep., in/at/on with acc; in(to) with dat. --the r- deletes if the neighboring syllable has /r/
Rundondo causative of londo 'full'
Runjucap caus. of cucap 'soak; immerse'
Samos salt
Sawu water
Sesep to chop fine
Susumbara a pungent black sauce (see note below)
Taç plural of tayu
Tahanji dish=a preparation of food
Tanju now
Tayu this (inanim.)
Tera the Earth, Terra; ketera - a Terran
Triko wheat
Umit to use; by means of
Umu oil
Uñañat a mixture of spices
Uñat tasty
Vara in order to
Yam with, together with
Yanjun ground grain, ~flour
Yanjuwe to the point/time that = until
Yara a pungent bulb, ~onion
Yukar to become

Note to Jörg: "susumbara": I've used a native word here; Jan van S. called it "Tocharian sauce", the version he received had "Hsape [proper name of unknown meaning]"; feel free to revert to Hsape, or be inventive.


The only special characters are n-tilde and c-cedilla, which usually show up okay. If not, let me know, or you can check in the dictionary http://cinduworld.tripod.com/anakrangota.htm. There are some loanwords from Terran languages; apparently it was written by a/the Kash resident here. :-)

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June 14th, 2005
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